Why People Choose Home Healthcare Instead of Nursing Homes and Other Options

As people age, there are limited options for quality care to ensure good health. The two most significant care options are nursing homes and home healthcare services.  People are choosing their personal homes and home healthcare for their health services at increasing rates.  Over ninety percent of the United States population over sixty-five prefers to retire and live at home.  There are many reasons for this, whether it be financial, emotional, or geographic.  Almost eighty percent of people believe they will live in their home when they die, which isn’t necessarily accurate but it reflects what the public wants.  People are starting to realize the many benefits that come with ‘aging at home,’ including important political figures.  Marty Bell, a member of the National Aging in Place Council, states that,” to society, it costs a lot less for someone to age in their home than to go into a care facility” (Clark).  There is a saying that ‘the home is where your heart is,’ and many people are realizing that at a time when poor health and vulnerability is present with age, home is the best place to be.  Whether somebody gets sick or travels far away, our paths will always lead us back home which is an important component in why the vast majority of seniors in the United States prefer to stay at home.  Not only is home an emotional base for most people, it is also a cheaper option for a place to age.  Senior homes or care facilities are often very expensive, and as most seniors do not have steady money coming in to support their needs, many cannot afford these facilities.  Who wants to pay more money to live in a foreign building?  The answer is not too many.  Seniors often tend to want to be as close as possible to their family members as they age.  They want to enjoy life’s precious moments with their loved ones while they still can.  Nursing homes aren’t always close to everyone’s homes and therefore could create a further distance for families to travel to visit those in the care facilities.  So far, we have come to a conclusion in that nursing facilities are farther away from family and are more expensive


                  As people age, however, they will need some sort of care as their health begins to deteriorate and their bodies begin to slow.  Home Healthcare is a booming industry which is taking over the healthcare world.  Although sometimes the caretakers that come to a senior’s home may not be as well educated as some of the nurses in larger hospitals, the care they will receive is beneficial and is monitored. Home healthcare is also cheaper than living in care facility, and there are several benefits associated with this sort of care. In future years, it us more likely than not that home healthcare agents will continue to be required to have more specific qualifications.



  Here are some of the reasons:

  • Nurses and hospitals are incredibly expensive, especially with the healthcare and political turmoil happening in the US.
  • Home healthcare services are tailored more for the patient’s needs. It is a more individualized care and the patient gets more personalized treatment.
  • Polls have proven that Americans now prefer home healthcare services over any other service for their health needs.
  • The risk of infection is much lower at home as compared to a hospital where there could be hundreds of sick patients on a floor.
  • Hospitals cost much more money. Patients are more comfortable being taken care of at home as compared to an uncomfortable hospital bed with hospital food with exposure to more germs and illnesses.
  • With emerging technologies, if a problem arises, a senior can click a button and a health agent will arrive minutes later. (There is no longer as much of a need to spend your remaining life in an expensive nursing home)