Extra Large Chux Pads 36 x 36 Disposable - Overnight Incontinence Waterproof Underpad for Seniors, Adult, Child, or Pets by Buddies

  • HIGHLY ABSORBENT -- Buddies chux are created with highly-absorbent fibers to lock in moisture, keeping liquid away from skin to promote sound sleep and peace of mind for adults or children
  • WATERPROOF -- In addition to protecting furniture or surroundings, these highly-absorbent pads wick away moisture to help keep skin dry and protected. Added length ensures maximum coverage and leakage protection
  • EASY CLEANUP -- Moisture is locked in to pads, making them easy to dispose without worrying about drips or spills. Soiled pads can simply be folded or bunched up then disposed of in waste receptacle
  • DURABLE -- Tear-resistant pads are created for durability and hold up well. Simply dispose and replace the pad after it becomes soiled. Versatile for adults, children, or pets
  • PROTECTS SKIN -- BrightCare Direct's chucks use advanced moisture lock technology to wick away moisture


Buddies XL super sized pads provide significant protection with waterproof secure absorbent material. These high-absorbency XL chux under pads are specifically designed with highly-absorbent fibers that lock liquid in place, giving you peace of mind that you will be wake up dry and without odor. Lock-in moisture technology allows for quick and easy mess-free cleanup that protects your bedding or surroundings. Simply dispose then replace disposable chux for adults after they have been soiled.

Overnight incontinence is no longer an issue with our advanced protection pads. These extra large chucks pads disposable can be used by anybody, even your pets to give you the security and comfort you desire. Each package includes 10 size 35.5'' x 35.5'' pads.

Gently open package of disposable underpad cover for beds using hands or a tool which is unlikely to puncture or cut chux disposable underpads (if pierced the underpads will lose waterproof ability). Gently remove and unfold the sides of the disposable bed pads. Position underpad so that white absorbent side is facing upward. Dispose of chucks pads 36x36 disposable after single use.