The Role Medicare and Medicaid Home healthcare

Medicare and Medicaid both affect Home Healthcare in various ways.  Politics can affect both of these programs which therefore affect Home Healthcare. Obviously, nobody wants to pay more for health coverage. As healthcare is a major issue in the United States, Medicaid may soon be ‘cut’ from Americans; even worse than raising healthcare prices is cutting the programs altogether. Those who currently under Medicaid (and Medicare) as of now qualify for Home healthcare as part of the program.  If government spending on Medicaid is cut, these people are left to pay more for the same care. Getting proper treatment in order to ensure one’s health shouldn’t cost a fortune, but unfortunately it could be in the near future.  It is up to the government and other political figures to determine the status of healthcare, and businesses to set the price for home healthcare. A raised price, however, isn’t necessarily a bad thing for the home healthcare industry. More expensive treatment means more money for the home healthcare agencies.  New technology, political turmoil, and overall more in depth treatments (accurate) among other components are the various reasons why this country should prepare for a change in home healthcare.  Some ways the US can prepare for the changes include:

  • Put enough money away each month or after each paycheck as soon as you can to prepare for changes in price in this industry.
  • Get more involved politically. Who you vote for can have a major impact on your home healthcare services and pricing.
  • Do extensive research on the home healthcare agencies surrounding your area. Pick whichever agency is most desired.

We should also realize that Medicare does not cover home all home healthcare services.  For example, somebody receiving physical therapy is granted coverage but there are some specific services which are not granted coverage.  More information can be found on the ‘’ website about the specific qualifications you may need to be granted coverage for home healthcare under Medicare.  There are other factors which determine coverage or even the service of home healthcare at all. If you need help leaving the house or are required more service for longer time, these all affect your eligibility for coverage.

In Conclusion, you should do research on whether your home healthcare needs are covered by Medicare.  The services, prices, and eligibility all vary by state.  The future is bright for home healthcare, and we will all benefit from increasing our knowledge on the services and coverage home healthcare agencies provide with Medicare.