Medium Saddle Style Absorbent Bed Pad with Tuck-in Sides - Waterproof Washable 300x for Incontinence Tuckable Reusable Underpad Protection - Baby, Child, Adult

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Rest easy with our premium ultra-absorbent reusable bed pad, and keep sheets and bedding dry all night long. Our best selling premium grade bed pads incorporate a triple layer design - a soft top to keep the skin padded and dry, super absorbent core, and a waterproof pvc backing to keep sheets and bedding safe. In addition, the long 21’’ tuckable sides will hold the pad firmly in place! Standard underpads without tuck in side wings can come out of place in the middle of the night. Our large-size design keeps both adults and children safe and dry. In addition they can be used for pet and/or furniture protection bedding. Our Bed pads are designed to handle being washed over and over again, so that you achieve an economical and environmentally friendly solution. 

Our saddle style reusable bed pad queen with tuck in sides comes ready to use and can easily be set on any bed or area necessary. The saddle style bed pads washable waterproof are washing machine safe and dryer safe, making our premium absorbency product durable and secure.