Maximum Absorbency Disposable Underpad (Size 28Wx36L) - Bed and Chair Underpad Incontinence Protection for Adult, Child, or Pets - Absorbent Waterproof Chux

BrightCare disposable underpads are specifically designed with highly-absorbent fibers that lock liquid in place, giving you peace of mind that you will be wake up dry and without odor. Our lock-in moisture technology also allows for quick and easy mess-free cleanup that protects your bedding. For infrequent to regular incontinence, our sturdy pads are designed to stay in place without wrinkling or tearing and last as long as you need them. Simply dispose then replace pads after they have been soiled. 

Gently open package of underpads using a hands or a tool which is unlikely to puncture or cut underpads (if pierced the underpads will lose waterproof ability). Gently remove and unfold the sides of the underpad. Position underpad so that white absorbent side is facing upward. Dispose of after single use. 


  • Chux from BrightCare Direct are sealed on all sides to prevent leakage and protect beds, chairs, and other surfaces. Highly absorbent Multipurpose Underpads can be used for multiple uses for the elderly, pets and diaper changes. 43 Grams of cotton fluff for even more absorbency. Great for use on beds, chairs and furniture. Perfect for training your dog.
  • Highly absorbent and waterproof, our disposable pads feature non-skid backing for efficient placement.
  • Best solution for incontinence: Say goodbye to mishaps and accidents with patients, elders or children. This premium pads is the answer to bed-wetting, and bladder and bowel incontinence.
  • Multiple uses: This is not only a bedpad for patients but also a product perfect to use to change diapers, keep the floor and furniture clean from discharges from pets, and protect antiques. Use along with adult diapers.