Extra Large Washable Waterproof Bed Pad - Washable 300x for Reusable Underpad Incontinence Protection for Adult, Child, or Pet

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Rest easy with our premium ultra-absorbent bed pads. Keep sheets and bedding dry all night long with our bed pads. Our best selling premium grade mattress bed and furniture pads incorporate a triple layer design - a soft top to keep the skin padded and dry, super absorbent core, and a waterproof pvc backing to keep sheets and bedding safe. Our large-size design keeps both adults and children safe and dry. In addition they can be used for pet and/or furniture protection bedding. Our Bed pads are designed to handle being washed over and over again, so that you achieve an economical and environmentally friendly solution. 

  • WATERPROOF BACKING- with soft absorbent outer layer to keep skin safe
  • WASHABLE UP TO 300x- Washer & Dryer friendly for an economical and environmentally sound solution
  • KEEPS SKIN SAFE- Triple layer design lowers acidic pH fluid contact potential
  • PROTECTS SHEETS AND BEDDING- Stops linens and bedding from being damaged by moisture and staining and is workable for small, medium, large, or extra large spaces